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URclaims’ team of experts have over 35+ years of experience in utility operations.

URclaims is committed to deliver the best service to our customers. We will continually negotiate cost effective benefits for our clients as we approach our jobs with passion and commitment.

URclaims is dedicated to educating the insurance industry and their customers on the true cost of utility damages and how to mitigate their exposure to damaging a third party’s property.

Our Team

Brent Fleury
Chief Executive Officer

Hello, my name is Brent Fleury, co-founder of URclaims Inc your Utility Claims Experts. URclaims are experts in utility operations and we want to support contractors who excavate and become involved in a utility incident which could lead to a claim.

URclaims provides services to those who may not have the expertise to deal with resolving claim conflicts with utility companies which are below your insurance deductible and we will work with your insurance provider to manage claims as your representative. I along with the URclaims Team feel It is important that our clients work with us, so they may be educated in the processes while using our services.

I have worked in the Telecommunications sector for a large corporation in Canada for over 28 years. I began working in the industry as a technician having many roles where I installed and repaired outside and inside infrastructure. I was promoted into the management team supporting utility locating and claims across the country where I managed and settled over 10,000 claims.

I held the position of President, Vice President and Treasurer during my eight-year tenure on the Board of Directors with Ontario One Call. I led and developed the team at Ontario One Call to become the cornerstone in Damage Prevention which it stands for today. I was a co-founder of the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance and served on their board of directors for six years. We developed the “Excavation Best Practices “, developed the white paper on proposed damage prevention legislation which was used as the framework for the current Ontario Legislation “The Ontario One Call Act”. I was presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for my role in developing damage prevention programs in the province of Ontario, from the ORCGA. I was a member of the North American Telecommunications Damage Prevention Council (NTDPC) whose mandate was to prevent damage to telecom networks across North America.

I hold a master’s degree in Project Management from McMaster University and George Washington University.

With my background in damage prevention and my understanding of how utility companies operate, it only made sense to become more engaged in the property damage claims process. This is where I learned the art of dispute resolution. As an accomplished claims negotiator, I have dealt with over ten thousand claims, with each one resulting in a positive outcome.

The installation of large scale fiber to the home and fiber to the business networks across the country leaves contractors extremely vulnerable to risks of being involved in an incident as they conduct the day to day work operations. Calling before you dig is a good first step however knowing how to reduce your exposure to claims is where URclaims can support you.

I am confident that the URclaims Team will deliver the BEST service you would expect!

I look forward to meeting with you one day soon, so we may build a partnership leading to your success!

John Cartier
Chief Operating Officer

John is co-founder of URclaims Utility Claims Expert and brings with him an extensive background in utility operations and claims file management. Since 1971 John has worked in the Telecommunication sector starting as a technician with one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies. Promoted in 1981, he assumed many roles as a Manager in various departments: Cable Maintenance, Construction, Outside Plant Engineering, Contracts and Business Transformation. He sat on the Board of Directors of Ontario One Call in the early stages. After leaving the telecommunications industry in 2000, he went on to work for a leading locate company as the General Manager for the GTA Operations and was promoted in 2011 to Vice President, responsible for all operations in Ontario and Quebec.

He is an accomplished Claims Negotiator with experience in design and building of infrastructure. He has negotiated claims resolutions with Bell Canada, Enbridge Gas, Union Gas, Toronto Water and Sewer, Oshawa Hydro, Hydro Ottawa, Hydro Quebec and Gaz Metro. He successfully reduced claim costs year over year in both Quebec and Ontario Regions in his role as Vice President.

Jay Scott
Chief Legal Officer

Jay spent the first 30 years of his career in the telecommunications sector, employed by one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies. Jay began his career in the telecommunications as a Cable Repair Technician repairing large damages and other large service outages. After 13 years as a Cable Repair Technician, Jay advanced into management and held positions as a Quality Assurance Manager, a Cable Repair Manager and a Damage Prevention Manager. During his tenure in management, Jay spent 10 years in the damage prevention sphere with a role in the legal department responsible for negotiating and approving claim settlements.

Recognizing the importance of continuing education, Jay has always worked towards upgrading his educational training and expertise. In fact, after 25 years in the telecommunications industry, he decided to alter his career path, and was accepted to Osgoode Hall Law School in 2012. Jay completed his Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2015 and he was called to the Ontario Bar in June 2016.

Helen Barsby
Director Business Development
BA (Hons), MA, MBA, CIP

Helen Barsby has been involved in the insurance industry in a variety of roles for 24 years. She has a combination of experience and education.

She has been an insurance agent for a large insurer Co-operators selling life, property, auto, and commercial insurance, a claims adjuster, an independent field adjuster for multi-lines of property, auto, bodily injury, commercial and accident benefits, manager for accident benefits at a personal injury law firm, an accident benefits specialist at a large personal injury law firm and legal finance risk assessments.

She holds two Masters degrees - an MBA in innovative leadership, an MA in sociology, an BA (Hons) in political science, is a paralegal, has her Chartered Insurance Professional designation and certifications in rehabilitation.

She is involved in numerous boards as a volunteer and speaks Hungarian.