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Damage Investigation Training

Not everyone knows what to look for when a damage occurs. Most employees on site are reactive, trying to fix the immediate problem and trying to satisfy the property owner on site. Your employees or your investigator is the company’s first responder.

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Claim Adjusters’ Training (how to understand utility claims jargon, line locating, cost etc...)

Your team can learn how to interpret the claim information sent by the utility or their adjusting firm, how to read utility locate information, understand the obligations of the utility to provide accurate and timely information and how to better understand the repair cost details.

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Legal Services & Expert Witnesses

We will provide you professional legal services through URshield Legal Services Professional Corporation.

This team has over 30 years of extensive background in utility operations, locating, utility damage prevention and one call practices and procedures.

They will bring their expertise in this area of law when representing you and supported by "expert reports and witness testimony".

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Independent Property Claims Adjusting

URclaims Team will conduct file reviews to assist in determining liability, partial liability or no liability for the damages being sought. We will review the repair cost and provide you with expert opinion of the repair cost legitimacy. We will support settlement meetings to close the file in a timely manner.

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