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Tools and Applications

We know that when you are dealing with damages to other’s property it can be stressful, not knowing what data to capture, what pictures to take and how to deal with the claim once it arrives. URclaims feels that by helping you in the damage investigation process we can help you with defending your position. It all starts with good data!

The following link(s) will provide job aid(s) and application(s) to help support your business.

Utility Incident Reporting Tool

The Incident reporting form will help you gather and record all data relevant to the damage:

  1. Make sure the site is safe
  2. Report to 911 immediately as required by the law
  3. Report damage to the utility owner
  4. Start gathering data for your file:
    • Take pictures
    • Complete the Incident Reporting form
    • Take down witness statements on how the damage occurred or if a utility employee makes any comments regarding the liability, cost of repairs, and obtain their name
    • Contact URclaims for support 1-416-922-1177

UExcavate Revolutionizes Utility Locate Management

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UExcavate is an Automated Locates Organizer. UExcavate automatically turns your One Call requests into projects and locates automatically get attached to the project until all the locates have been received. Every project carries a status: Ready to Dig, About to Expire, Expired, Site Meet Required, awaiting locates. Based on these statuses, we're able to automate the merging of all locates and permits on a project into a single PDF and auto email it to person in the field. This makes it easy to print all documents at once and/or view them as a single PDF on a tablet or IPad. Other features you can do in UExcavate Includes attaching permits and any other documentation into the dig package, pull relocate/remark valid locates forward to the next project, delete pages from within PDFs and determine the expiry date of all your projects.

Currently, you may be using Excel, Dropbox, Adobe Acrobat, and your email to manage locates. There is an incredible amount of manual entry to this process and a risk for human error. UExcavate takes care of all of that so you can be reviewing your entire locate program at a click of a button. Clear focus Locating company delays, managing locates about to expire, and ensuring projects only go out with a full locate and permit package. You will ensure Safe Digging Practices are being followed.

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